2019 Workshops

Andy Giessman

Dare to Think! | (4-Day Workshop)

Life has questions and Christianity has the answers, but how do we know what we believe is true? This four-day workshop will be investigating the nine questions every worldview must answer. We will show how Christianity not only answers them but provides confidence for knowing those answers to be true. 

Chris Kish

Turning Your Passion Into a Ministry

Born and raised in Ohio, Chris Kish somehow developed a passion for surfing. Instead of joining a church in the Midwest to help pastor, he decided to follow God where he felt Him calling. Now Chris lives on Coronado Island in San Diego where he’s a pastor at a church he started and also serves with an international ministry called Christian Surfers. He is using his love for God plus his passions for the ultimate ministry.

Do you desire to use your passion for ministry or even God’s glory? Chris will teach you how you can. Get stoked for this rad worship.

Ted Boykin

More like Jesus in Sexual Purity

What does living a life of purity look like for guys? Day one of this workshop will focus on believing, receiving and living out of the freedom of God’s great gift of forgiveness that we have as believers in Jesus Christ. Day two will emphasize practical applications, and focus on how to find the freedom of growing to be more like Jesus Christ, particularly in the area of sexual purity. Both days will include personal testimonies and helpful Biblical strategies for purity from some of our outstanding counselors (all of whom are current CSU students or recent CSU grads). We will also have time for questions and answers each day.

Nathan Miller

Being Part of the Mission

Do you know what it means to actively be part of the mission of Jesus Christ or even what that can look like? Learn more by joining a two-part workshop that offers a gospel-focused training session on-campus and hands-on experience for an afternoon in the urban community of Scranton led by the local ministry Mission Scranton! Students will walk away with an expanded view of Jesus Christ’s mission for the church, practical relational skill training and ministering in a multi-ethnic community.

Sherry Boykin

How to Handle Unexpected and Devastating Setbacks

Everything is fine, and then it’s not. And the worst thing about it all is that whatever has changed the landscape of your life is permanent. What now? One word describes how God answers that question in the story of Elisha and the Shunammite woman, and how He will answer it in your life too.

Jeremy Yeckley

The Great Unveiling

What if the answers to some of your greatest questions are right in front of you waiting to be uncovered? What if life doesn’t have to be a complex web of trial and error? What would it feel like to move into the next chapter of your life with confidence and assurance about what God is doing in your life? During our workshop together, we will look at passages of Scripture and their practical applications for uncovering God’s purposeful design in your life. You will walk away with tools that can help you navigate major decisions for how you are uniquely designed to love God and others well.

Lynelle Buchanan

A Better Love Story Than Twilight

It really doesn’t take much, does it?  Our culture presents some twisted ideas about love and value. Young women face unending pressure to be enough. This workshop is going to examine biblical truth about how God sees His daughters: with love, forgiveness, acceptance and empowerment. 

Jeff Butler

Why are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers…and How It Relates to your Relationship with God

Searching, finding and applying the “why” in our Christian living. We are commanded to do so much in Scripture, but “why”? By simply examining the context of the Bible’s most powerful and popular commands, God’s heart motivation is clearly seen as our “why” in following Him. 

Dan Nichols


Conflict is everywhere, but few people are able to skillfully navigate conflict well. Let’s talk about how we can become the effective peacemakers God wants us to be with our friends and family, in our youth groups, and on social media.