3 Leadership Principles from Jesus’ Life

Let me set this up for you, and I’ll try to do this quickly, since most of you probably will be skipping this intro anyway, and just skimming down to the bold list below. Hey, I read blogs too, I’m not offended.

So, here is the breakdown of the story found in John 13:1–20. Jesus begins to wash the feet of the disciples. Peter refused to be washed by His Savior. Jesus calms Him down and ends up washing all of the disciples’ feet (yes, if you know the story of Jesus, that includes the one that would betray Him).

What does this story have to do with leadership? Well, I am glad you asked. Goodness, that was corny, but I’m still writing, and unwilling to push backspace. Here is the list of leadership principles in Jesus washing feet:

Humility. This was is pretty obvious, but it can’t be skipped over. As the ultimate leader, Jesus was willing to do tasks that usually given to servants in the household. Jesus was willing to clean the filthy feet of those that were about to scatter, abandon, and even betray him. That takes it to a new level. Talk about humility. Jesus was going to receive nothing in this exchange, except rejection.

Service. No act of service was beneath Jesus. He was willing to wash filthy feet, and he was willing to give His life. In terms of being a leader, nothing should be beneath us in the service of God and others. As a pastor, there may not be someone around to plunge the toilet. As a youth leader, you may have to mop up the vomit. As a servant in God’s kingdom, you may have to out of your comfort zone for the Gospel to be heard. Don’t let any service for others, and especially God be beneath you.

Vision. This was a brilliant move by our Savior. Jesus was giving a powerful illustration of what He wanted from his followers. Jesus, by humbly serving His disciples, was teaching the men, who Jesus would leave the Gospel message in their hands, how to be a leader. He taught them they were not above the message or the subject of the message (verse 16). Christ saw this as an opportunity to show how them an example of true humble service. Serve God and others humbly, never thinking more of yourself. Jesus said if He is willing to do this, as Lord, you should be willing to do it for others.

Humility. Service. Vision. Want to be a leader? I’d say these three things would be a good place to start.

The blog post was written by Jeff Beckley, NYMC workshop speaker. To register for Teen Leadership Conference and National Youth Ministries Conference, visit the link.

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