About TLC

What is Teen Leadership Conference?

JULY 8–13, 2024

God calls and equips young people to follow Him. That’s why Clarks Summit University is passionate about its Teen Leadership Conference. This week-long conference helps high school students like you become leaders in your churches and communities.

In one jam-packed week on the Northeast Pennsylvania campus of Clarks Summit University, high school students receive biblically saturated teaching, choose interactive workshops, participate in vibrant worship and round out each day with plenty of activities and games.

Every part of TLC helps students and their youth leaders engage, edify, encourage and push one another to become biblical leaders.

TLC’s longstanding success in equipping young people is all because of God’s faithfulness. Join us for a fun summer week at TLC, and be part of this movement to equip younger generations to passionately serve Christ! 

What’s in it for youth leaders?

Youth leaders enjoy a parallel track of sessions during the same week their teens attend TLC.

TLC stands apart as it gives youth leaders a chance to connect with each other, learn from experts in the field and grow alongside their high-school students. Through this exciting week, youth workers lead by example as they serve and learn together.

TLC ignites your passion for serving Christ. Fuel it at CSU.

If you liked TLC, you’ll love CSU.

Clarks Summit University will immerse you in the same biblical foundation you discovered at TLC. Through academics, athletics, the arts and leadership development, CSU prepares Christ-centered, career-ready graduates.

High school students can choose from more than 60 undergraduate programs. You’ll select a career major, and you’ll also earn a double major in Biblical Studies. That’s because it’s vital for you to not only be prepared well for your career—you also need to be prepared to serve Christ with your whole life.

Youth leaders might find a better fit in an online program at the undergraduate or graduate level. Baptist Bible Seminary offers master’s and doctoral degrees for more in-depth study of Scripture.

At CSU, you won’t get lost in the crowd. You’ll join a welcoming community that truly cares about you and seeks to point you to Christ. Mentoring professors, encouraging chapel speakers, supportive suite-mates—the tight-knit community is one of the top things our students continually say they love about CSU.

Check it out and see how you fit in here, at Clarks Summit University!