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Practical Ways to Become a Christ-Centered Leader

3 Leadership Principles from Jesus’ Life

Let me set this up for you, and I’ll try to do this quickly, since most of you probably will be skipping this intro anyway, and just skimming down to the bold list below. Hey, I read blogs too, I’m not offended. So, here is the breakdown of the story found in John 13:1–20. Jesus

Leadership Modeling

If there’s anything I’ve learned as the parent of a toddler, it’s that my son Landon imitates almost everything I do. If I’m on my laptop, he’ll grab his and start typing next to me. When we dance, he’ll mimic my (usually awful) dance moves. If I’m playing basketball, he jumps in. When my wife

Stop Doing Millenial Youth Ministry!

The shift has finally happened. It has taken the church and youth ministry 5-10 years to catch up to what the world, marketing, and research has been talking about-Generation Z. This is a marked improvement to the previous turnaround time for the church when it came to Generation X and Millennials.  Thanks, in great part

Leaders Are Servants

A recent Google search counted over 12 billion internet pages on the general subjects of “leaders” and “leadership”. Yet, even a cursory reading of the four New Testament Gospels discloses that Christ talked a lot more about being a servant than He ever did about being a leader. I don’t think that means necessarily that

Finding What I Want To Do For The Rest Of My Life!

At the turn of the 20th century, there were about 400 career choices. By the turn of the 21st century, there were tens of thousands. How do I make the right choice of a career for my life?   When I worked at Clarks Summit University in Student Recruitment I had to counsel many teens

Following IS Leading

Jesus, in the Gospel of Mark, provides three essential characteristics for those who desire to lead others. His intent is that leaders, must first and foremost, be followers. How so? First, the leader must loyally follow Jesus by surrendering his or her own desires and ambitions and submit to Jesus as a slave (Mk 8:27–38).

Good Leaders are Great Readers

It has been said that nearly every school of thought, or philosophy, can find its roots in one two places – Plato or Aristotle. These really old, dead guys have left their mark even 2,400 years after their deaths. Plato was interested in what things are, or the “IS”. Aristotle, his best-known student, was more

GO Serve Someone!

As I have had leadership positions for the past 26 years I have come to learn the importance of servant leadership. Our culture screams at us to serve our self, talk about our self, post on social media about our self (or our kids) and our actions are declared good if whatever we do (good